Children of the depths - Shrooms manors
Roberto gatto shroom manors


Roberto gatto step1

Step 1: 5-10 mins abstracting some colors and shapes, searching for an idea

Roberto gatto step2

step2: found my idea, setting the mood and big forms in place

Roberto gatto step3

Step 3: refining the idea trying to improve the feeling of space and design

Children of the depths - Shrooms manors

Here's the first piece for my new project!

I want to explore an idea for a 3rd person rpg about children fighting and exploring a vast and diverse world in the depths of the earth (Underworld)!

In the setting I have in mind these children are the last of their race, forming a small settlement of children only. They never seem to grow old and have knowledge of older people only from ancient tomes that recall a long forgotten past where they used to roam a mysterious place called "the surface" (Overworld)

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