Snow Elves - Eryallon
Roberto gatto eryallon
Roberto gatto city sketch 1

another angle

Roberto gatto city sketch 3

top down view

Roberto gatto establishin 2

quick and dirty lines to esablish comp

Snow Elves - Eryallon

Snow Elves - The lost race

So I started the 1 on 1 mentorship with tyler_edlin_art and this is the first piece I did for it!

The project I came up with talks about the snow elves after the Fawendor golden age, they were defeated in a war and while the people of the main land think they are extinct they managed to flee underground where they are rebuilding their civilization.

This shot shows the main city of Eryallon and its close proximities!

Big shoutout to Tyler for the great feedback on this! Really excited about this class :D

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