General / 01 July 2021

Illustrating fantasy props on the fly

Hello everyone!

Recently I had the chance to work on a project illustrating fantasy props for an unofficial D&D 5e campaign settings.

After that I did a live demo for my digital art student @ the "Scuola del fumetto di milano" and I figured it would've been interesting to share the results.

I came up with this workflow cause I needed to be able to create a finished illustration in 2 hours top given the constraints of the job.

The first step usually revolves around presenting a couple rough line sketches to the client like so, these shouldn't take me more than 5 min each.

After this initial step, the client selects the design and gives feedback if any to move forward. Then I produce a very quick color rough just to get a feel of what colors I want in the piece

and after this we simply move into finalizing the illustration with the remaining time. I just pick a convenient light source, stick to a single flat textured brush to avoid wasting extra time and just flatten lines and colors and paint directly on a single layer

Final Result

  That is all!

Thanks fo tuning in :D